Galena Creek Bridge

  • Client: Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
  • Project: Structural Engineering 1,722 ft. bridge incorporating 300 ft. arch design Washoe Valley, Nevada

EEI’s Structural Engineering Design Team (SED) leader managed and redesigned substantial portions of the 1,722 foot-long Galena Creek Bridge project as part of the I-580 extension project in Washoe Valley, Nevada.  The bridge project incorporates a 300-foot high arch design, the longest concrete cathedral arch bridge in the United States. The SED team leader solved several complex technical and regulatory issues, which included:

  • Designing a 44-foot diameter arch structure over Galena Creek
  • 500,000 cu. yd. reinforced earthen fill
  • Replacement of a cable stay support system with a conventional false work. This unique method improved construction safety and reduced project duration by 1,000 working days