Site Assessment Through Remediation

Phase I ESA (Environmental Site Assessment) services for private, regional and national developers; state agencies and municipalities/public agencies

Site investigation and remediation expertise dating from EEI’s conception:
Senior staff experience averaging 20+ years each, predating Phase I ESA guidance and dating to the implementation of the RCRA UST regulations that initiated modern site investigation and remediation

Experience with releases to soil and groundwater related to a wide range of industrial contaminants:

  • Fuels released at service stations, pipelines, utility impoundments and refineries
  • Solvents released from aerospace, automotive, metal working, electrical component manufacturers, dry cleaners, and other industrial processes
  • Unrefined hydrocarbons related to oilfield and pipeline releases
  • Metals released from automotive, foundries, mines, & metal working processes, and scrap handlers
  • PCBs released from transformer, sewer treatment plants, white goods (scrap), and pipeline condensers

EEI is an experienced provider of environmental due diligence and related engineering services for a full suite of site assessment and remediation projects. Our expertise includes due diligence surveys for projects ranging from State acquisitions of natural habitat properties (ranging up to thousand of acres), to small retail/commercial properties. In addition to conducting hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, EEI and its staff have many years of experience assessing contaminants in soil and groundwater. Unlike many firms, EEI has hands-on experience assessing and remediating complex contamination sites as large and diverse as aerospace facilities, refineries, landfills, town gas sites, mines, solvent chemical producers, and hazardous waste treatment facilities. In addition to being a partner with a national risk management firm (lump sum remediation) for Brownfields sites, EEI and our staff have conducted field remediation activities, monitoring, documentation, risk management, regulatory negotiation and strategy services, and provided field remediation services for fuel releases, solvents, metals, PCB, and all manner of hazardous substance releases.

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