Pavement & Materials

EEI’s Pavement and Materials Engineering Design (PME) team provides consulting services for:

Design-Built Projects: Pavement Design and Supervision

  • Public and private roads
  • Airports
  • Retail shopping center parking fields
  • Industrial site parking fields
  • Home Owner Associations

The EEI PME team provides full technical services for the structural design of flexible and rigid pavements. The team is well versed with several pavement structural design methods including: AASHTO 1993, AASHTO Mechanistic-Empirical Method, AUSTROAD Method, etc. The EEI PME Team conducts all necessary on-site investigations, traffic analysis, and material evaluations for both new construction and rehabilitation or recycling of existing pavements.

Pavement Management

A pavement management system is the most critical factor that ensures the long-term performance of any pavement system. The implementation of a successful Pavement Management System (PMS) allows an owner or agency to identify necessary maintenance activities of every pavement section prior to the occurrence of failure. As long as pavements are subjected to traffic loads and environmental actions, they will experience deterioration and eventual failure. A PMS puts pavement engineers and managers in full control of the system’s long-term behavior to prevent significant failures from occurring. Through preventive maintenance, the owner can evaluate and mitigate potential failures and effectively lengthen the period between major rehabilitation events, delaying or reducing capital expenditures.

Pavement and Materials Projects